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Installing your new roof, roofing over an old roof

Roofing over an existing roof eliminates the need for underlayment and saves the time and effort of tearing off the old roof. However, if the old one is too irregular for a smooth finish, tear it off. Otherwise, the new one wont look right and wont protect as well. Roofs are heavy; local codes may […]

New Roofing

New roofing may be necessary for a homeowner if he or she sees signs of the structure’s physical degradations, both in and out of the home. If one notices physical signs, such as sagging or dripping ceilings, warped ceiling panels, holes, or the exposure of the internal roofing structure or insulation, one should consider roof […]

Choosing a New Roof: What you should know

Having a new roof indeed leaves you with feelings of peace knowing that you have a sturdy roof that will protect you from bad weather and all the other unpleasant elements outside. However, there are a lot of roof materials that are available and it can be quite difficult to choose from amongst them. Here […]