Choosing a New Roof: What you should know

Having a new roof indeed leaves you with feelings of peace knowing that you have a sturdy roof that will protect you from bad weather and all the other unpleasant elements outside. However, there are a lot of roof materials that are available and it can be quite difficult to choose from amongst them. Here are a couple to choose from.

If you are going for a new roof that can be made using readily available materials as well as being cost effective,В  an asphalt shingle either made from glass fiber or an asphalt saturated roof will do. This type of roof would be good for about fifteen to twenty years. For a sloped style roof, many opt to go for a ceramic tiles made from clay. This particular kind of roof is very popular in Europe and has gained its popularity because of the fact that the tiles are fireproof plus, this type of roof can last for fifty to seventy years.

Ceramic tiles are more expensive than asphalt shingles and are in fact a lot heavier; so make sure that your house has a strong structure to be able to withstand the weight. The good thing about having ceramic tiles is that it is strong and unlikely to be blown away by strong winds. Asphalt shingles and ceramic tiles are just two of the most popular and common choices when a person wants to construct a new roof. There are many other roof options that you can discuss with your roofing contractor or engineer.

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