An Insight to Home Roofing

There are a lot of different home roofing styles available. These can be categorized into two types of designs which is historical and architectural. Some other types of roofs that are fairly popular to a lot of home builders are the Flat roof, which as the name implies, is indeed flat. This type of home roofing is very easy to construct and does not require too much labor and materials to build.

There is also the Hipped roof type that is most commonly seen on bungalows as well as homes that have a sloping roof.В  The classic Gabled roof features two slopes that meet at a steep peak. This is most recognizable by the letter A that it forms. This particular type of roof is very popular in areas where strong winds, heavy rain or snow is the norm. The steep slope that this roof has enables the rain or snow to fall down easier, thus eliminating heavy snow buildup that can collapse even the sturdiest of roofs.

Another home roofing style is the Cross Gabled roof, and in fact, this is the kind of style that requires the most work and materials to build. There is also the colonially inspired Front gable roof that can usually be found within the Cape Cod area. Last among the most popular roof styles is the Gambrel roof which is another type of flat roof. This particular style of roof is most commonly seen among farmhouses across the country. With proper maintenance and inspection, all the above mentioned roof styles are perfectly capable of resisting harsh weather conditions.

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