When to Get Roofing Estimates

Obtaining reasonably priced roofing estimates is essential for the architect who has to work within a specific budget for a roofing project, as well as a homeowner or rebuilder who wants to refurbish or build a roof within limited budgetary means. Roofing estimates may be accomplished by consultation with a roofing contractor or roofing company, who will approximate the costs of manpower, materials, and other related expenses in building or refinishing a roof. Typically, roofing estimates, especially for more conventional kinds of roofing systems, are lower when it comes to refinishing or refurbishing a roof compared to building one for a home or building still under construction. This is because the former may simply entail removal of the topmost surface of a roof (including the tile, sheeting, or other roofing material), while the underlayment may only need refinishing. More often then not, the sturdy understructure will not need any attention, especially if the house or building has been periodically maintained with good-quality materials.

To determine whether your roof needs rebuilding or simple maintenance, there are some physical aspects you need to observe. From the inside of the house, check if your ceiling sags in some areas. With water damage (which may require retiling and repair of the underlayment), you may see warped ceiling panels or water marks. Your roofing system may need a total overhaul if some panels have rotted through, exposing the beams used to support the roof. Also, check your gas or electric bills. Spikes in your consumption may connote the need to reinstall your roof’s insulation.

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