Roof Replacement

If you know that your roof needs replacement, we'll arrange a meeting with one of the roofing experts. Together we will talk about the longest lasting and the best looking roof for your home. Schedule a roof replacement cost estimate today!

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Roof Repair

Damage to the roof does not mean that it has to be replaced, nor should you ignore it and defer roof repairs. Pro Roofing provides residential and commercial roofing repairs in Toronto and GTA for asphalt shingles, flat foors, metal, cedar, slate / clay tiles and commercial / industrial roofs.

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Roofing Costs Estimate

It's time to get a new roof. Old shingles look worn out and some are even damaged. The questions that are on your mind: What is the cost of roofing? How much does a new roof cost? The only way to find out roof replacement costs is to get roof quotes by calling a roofing estimator.

There are several factors that affect the cost of new roof:

  • Square footage of the roof
  • Type of roof (complexity of the project)
  • Roofing materials (roof shingles cost)
  • Labor

Finding out Cost of Roofing by Calculating Square Footage of Your Roof

Before the new roof cost is calculated, the roof is measured.

A roof is broken apart into squares, rectangles, triangles and parallelograms in order to compensate for irregular roof shapes, and to produce an accurate roof estimate. The square footage of those shapes is calculated and added together to give total square footage of the roof. That number is then used in cost roof estimation for materials and labor.

A roof estimating expert will get on your roof, measure dimensions and calculate your square footage to give an accurate roofing quote.

Roof Replacement Estimate and Roof Type

The more complex your roof, the longer it will take to do the job, and the more it affects new roof costs.

Slope and pitch of the roof play a key role in installation complexity and average roofing cost. Medium and high pitched roofs are much harder to work on and require use of special equipment. Roofs with complex shapes take more time to re-roof, since shingles are cut to custom fit various roof elements. High number of valleys (where two sections of the roof meet), dormers and ridges also increase complexity of the project and new roof estimate.

Roofing Done Right The First Time.

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Roofing Done Right The First Time.

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And Then Decide!

Roofing Estimates and Materials

Roof estimates include materials needed to perform a high quality job.

  • Shingles affect cost of replacing a roof. Although there are many shingle types on the market, Pro Roofing only deals with highest quality products that have proven their reliability and protection.
  • Flashing materials - vent pipe flashing, step flashing blanks, skylight flashing, valley flashing, rolled flashing material and drip edge flashing, also affect cost to replace roof.
  • Galvanized nails for the shingles, aluminum nails for aluminum flashing.
  • Felt paper - material that covers roof surface prior to shingles for added protection against leaks influences roofing quotes.
  • Winter guard - special material installed on the edges of the roof to prevent ice dams, lowers or increases the price when we are estimating roofing costs (it is highly recommended to add winter guard for it proven protection).
  • Roofing cement.

Sometimes sheathing (layer of plywood that covers your exterior) rots due to water leakage and requires replacement, affecting reroofing costs. We will find out if there are any problems with sheathing after tearing down old shingles. If we find any damaged sheathing we will make the repairs at no charge to you for labor and materials.

Labor and Average Roof Cost

The cost to replace a roof includes labor such as:

  • Removal of old shingles, old felt paper layer and old flashings.
  • Installation of new flashings, new protective layers of felt paper (as well winter guard), and most importantly shingles.
  • Removal of old shingles from the property and other work related waste.

Perhaps the most important cost of a roof is labor. You can save on roofing materials, but dare not save on expertise, because you do not want to pay house roof cost again in the next few years. Pro Roofing employs roofers with over 10 years of roofing experience under their belts. We know what we are doing and we do it well. We offer a solid, 10 year workmanship warranty and only use high grade materials that have proven their effectiveness.

You are in good hands. Give us a call or get a quote online now to talk to a roofing estimating professional.