Flat roof repair

There is an opinion that the flat roofs resistance to weather conditions (rain, snow, storm, and hail) is slightly worse than the others, and pitched roofs are better. Fortunately, modern methods of installation of flat roofs, methods of our experts, and experience of Pro Roofing made flat roof repair no less safe than a pitched roof. Now, the possibility and quality of flat and pitched roofs are almost identical.

Advantages of flat roof


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Since the flat roof is becoming a more popular decision among homeowners, we will consider some of the benefits:

  • you can enjoy sunbathing, sitting on the outfitting roof;
  • flat roof allows to use of all space of a room;
  • to save energy and reduce electricity bills, you can install solar panels;
  • greenhouse and conservatory can be installed only on a flat roof.

Flat roof repair

Despite the above advantages, there are drawbacks to install a flat roof. The main is the resistance to the weather conditions. But there are few methods that may help to overcome the shortcomings of a flat roof. And Pro Roofing provides the best quality of flat roof repair, and we can guarantee the durability of the repaired roof. This is provided by the latest technologies and responsibility in our work. Planning, installation, and repair of flat roofs can be made at any time during the year. Outdoor temperature is not critical. Only precipitation may prevent the flat roof repair works. During the repair of the flat roof, we strongly recommend dismantling the old roofing carpet, as it contains moisture, promoting further blistering. Because of the swelling, preventing the free flow of water, are forming puddles, which promotes the formation of leaks and shorten the life of the roof membrane. Providing of the natural water flow in the drains is also very important for the flat roof repairs.

Choose us!

If you decide to have a flat roof, consult a professional roofer in advance to get a basic knowledge of materials and design. We always can do it for you! Our roofing experts can offer you a range of cost-effective and reliable high-quality materials, elaborate roof structure, and establish the exact dates of employment. Our advantages - are impeccable professionalism, confirmed by years of experience, and positive feedback of numerous clients, quality materials directly from manufacturers, and technical resources. Our customers are attracted with guaranteed high quality and reasonable price of flat roof repair.
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