Tile Roofing

Pro Roofing offers slate tiles, clay tiles and concrete tiles. Explore more below.

Clay Roofing

Clay has been used as a roofing material since before the dawn of civilization. The clay products commonly found at archaeological sites can be thousands of years old, and are a testament to the durability and long life of clay--two excellent qualities in a roofing material.

Clay RoofingClay roof tiles provide a wealth of colour choices and textures which look good on the day that they are laid but also improve their looks as they weather to produce a warmth and depth of character. This is apparent from the large stock of historic buildings with original clay roof tiles that exist today, still performing their function with an elegant appearance. The benefits of clay tiles which produce this longevity are due to the nature of fired clay. Clay roofing tiles do not fade over time as the colour is an integral part of the tile and is not ‘bleached’ by the sun or is not leached away by the rain.

The life span of clay tile roofing is influenced by the type of clay, the way it is manufactured, the dampness of the atmosphere, the position of the building and the pitch of the roof. All these factors will influence the speed of the weathering process. But, the colour of genuine clay roof tiles is permanent and they are highly regarded for this attribute.

One of the advantages of clay tiles that has kept them a staple for centuries is the ability of clay to insulate, keeping inside temperatures warm in winter and cool in summer. Combined with a natural ability to reflect, instead of absorb, heat from the sun, clay tile roof can reduce the energy required to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home.

Other characteristics of roof clay are fire and chemical resistance, also clay roofing tiles do not harbour organic growth to the degree with which it attaches itself to other types of roofing materials.

The cost effectiveness of clay roofing makes it ideal for both new build and refurbishment projects, and with the ability to age clay roofing tiles artificially you can ensure the roof blends in with the local architectural heritage.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete roof tiles can withstand most harsh climates. It is a low maintenance, long lasting product can save you money over the life of a home and may also increase resale value. Aspects like fire resistance rating, cost of insurance, and thermal protection to the interior all add to concrete roof tile’s value as a roofing material.

  • Lifetime expectancy of concrete roofs is estimated at about 30 - 40 years
  • Concrete tiles, made from cement, sand and pigments, can replicate the appearance of a broad array of distinctive tile designs and architectural styles
  • Drastically reduce the cost of having to maintain your roof
  • Low cost in comparison to slate or clay tiles

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Cement Roof Installation

Concrete tile roof installation is done from the bottom of the roof to the top on the front and back. For flat concrete roofs work is done from the outside to the inside in a square pattern, allowing water to flow off the roof.

Mortar is used to install the outer ring of concrete roofing tiles. Concrete tile roofing adhesive or asphalt plastic roof cement is applied to the tiles in the middle part of the roof. The tile is laid against the roofing base, with the bottom of each tile overlapping the tile below it.
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When it comes to roofing contractors – the guys are the best. We were referred to them by our neighbors, who hired the company to do very delicate slate tile work. From the start the company gave a fair estimate with all the options laid out. The work itself was done in a timely manner. The company really works with you to get the job done.

We've used Pro Roofing on two homes and are very satisfied with the work. They are courteous, quick, and clean up nicely after themselves. The staff goes out of their way to answer all your questions and prepare you for what to expect, and I think they left my yard looking nicer than it was when they started.

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