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We specialize on a range of Pickering roofing services for houses of all sizes and designs. If you want superior workmanship, a job completed on time and to the very best standards, trust Pro Roofing. Our quality supplies and service mean you receive exceptional value. You only have one chance to install your roof the right way, be certain - stick with Pro Roofing.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement PickeringPremium roof replacement service at an affordable price. Get your free estimate today or learn about our process. more...

Roof Repair

Roof Repair inspection PickeringRepair a leaking roof fast. 24 / 7 emergency service. more...

We offer a wide variety of Pickering roofing materials and meticulously evaluate every project to guarantee that quality and architectural requirements are met. We will help you select the appropriate roofing materials that will accommodate your property's design and price range.

Asphalt roofs are very affordable. They have proved to be an effective roofing material in cool snowy winters, dry summers and humid falls / springs. Roof shingles are very easy to get, and are suited for almost all types of residential roofs. Residential re-roofing shingles are also warranted for anywhere from 15 and upwards to 40 years by the suppliers. Roof asphalt shingles require little maintenance, and are easy to repair.

Getting Pickering Roofing Quote

Pro Roofing will send a skilled Pickering roofer to examine your roof. The inspector will give you a thorough write up of the materials needed for the job, as well as the expense associated with the replacement. If your roof does not need replacement, inspector will recommend solutions free of charge.

Pickering Roof Replacement Workflow

  • Worksite preparation such as connection of equipment, addition of protective tar on the front yard, step ladder set up.
  • Removal of old shingles from the roof.
  • Installation of special felt paper that results in an added barrier for the water.
  • Installation of ice shield on the edges of the roof. Ice guard, oftentimes also referred to as ice shield protects the roof from ice dams during winter.
  • Installation of new flashing in areas most likely to leak.
  • Fresh roofing layer is laid down.
  • Clear up the job site from debris, old shingles and nails.

While it might seem simple, installing a roof in Pickering is actually a pretty complex job. To ensure the security and effectiveness of your installation, itís important that your Pickering roofing contractors are skilled experts.

Check out our approach to reroofing, or give us a call now to get free roofing estimate.

Check out our approach to reroofing, or give us a call now to get free roofing estimate.